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 OneBuilder - Overview
ASN.1 Message Editor and Viewer
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Use any ASN.1 syntax
Create and encode messages
Decode and view existing messages
No programming required
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Abstract Syntax Notation One (ASN.1) is used to unambiguously describe complex messages to be exchanged between communicating systems.

Through ASN.1, system designers now have the ability to define message sets with a high degree of flexibility, functionality, and varying size.

The ability to use these systems is dependent on the creation of the appropriate message. In order to use and test these systems, many messages need to be created. Messages from several different ASN.1 syntaxes may also be involved. For the immature system where the ASN.1 syntax is changing frequently, messages will need to be recreated whenever new syntax definitions are released. Received messages also need to be examined and checked for correctness.

The current approach to resolving this challenge is far from ideal. It involves the purchase of an ASN.1 compiler and the subsequent generation of 'C' source and header files. These files are then included into a user-created program to build messages. This process is time consuming, complex, prone to error, and requires proficient software-engineering skills. It is a task not to be undertaken lightly. Ultimately these activities defocus the user from the primary task of using or validating the system.

For a simpler, easier, and lower cost solution, Red Packet Technologies has created OneBuilder. This tool allows you to quickly, and easily, start building messages according to any ASN.1 syntax. In a very short time you can use the graphical user interface to start building your messages

While eliminating the need to write programs, OneBuilder does not prevent you from using your own ASN.1 syntax. This is vital given the dynamic nature of some evolving ASN.1 syntaxes. OneBuilder provides an environment that can seamlessly cope with the changes.

In today's time-to-market driven world, every month or week saved in product development can mean the difference between success and failure.

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